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My Relationship is not Successful,Why?

If you are seeking success on your relationship ,then you are definitely misleading yourself . Actually we are always in the lore between “Mind” and “Heart” . And both are the ideally  half  sisters  who separately need a relations. But I know enough that both of them become selfish in one situation .

Many stories are there, if you Google “How  to get Success my relationship” mostly search  on Husband & Wife relationship.

If you get the answer , Please let me know . But I have my own way  to get the answer, surely from these two half selfish Sisters “Mind & Heart” as they hold the relations for “Need” which may beyond the expectations. Yes Its true !

Need may be our physical, emotional, social, financial, & sexual could be any kind accordingly relationship, Silently saying these are the Basis of relationship.

When you have a good relationship with someone dear to you, you feel my relationship is successful & complete, when you do not have then you feel unsuccessful & Incomplete,why its so !  Expectation & beyond expectation which is a complex process of your relationship.