About Me

Hello and welcome ! I’m Vinod Singh Sengar and I lend a hand to moms to learn practical self worth and self improvement skills for their toddlers to make healthier future.

Although , My “real job” as an IT professional is to develop software applications, of course for bread and butter but I do writing  & cooking. It was an incident  that I had a opportunity to work for the orphanage,didn’t know whether it just happened by chance , or may be I had this desire. I then realize how capable I am to read and understand a child mind to perceive any situation through his/her perspective. And that helps in accepting the child behavior/reaction.

Truth is, I have not been able to learn as much in my 14 years career what I learned in those few days spent with the little kids. Those children grew something in me. Probably for this reason, I have started sharing with you Children’s understanding, reading their mind, understanding their needs, their reaction in a given situation, their apprehensions and everything.

It is said that, All children are the same that we have come across in our reading,books and from elders . But every child is different and has a different identity with its own fence which shows him “His/Her” identity and  “Every mom should understand” their nurturing, training and molding.

I write about on this blog. I am also a columnist for Arbeeson Samiti and the Toddlers group.