Some bitter truths of the life, you should admire

  1. It’s best not to talk about your issues to others too much. 20 percent of the time, they do not care and 70 percent they are happy you have them. And 10 percent who take care, you ignore him.
  2. There is a 99.9 percent chance that people are friends with you because of your Looks /Money or Status, not because of you as a person.
  3. Learn to refuse, by always say YES you will become a doormat for that person.
  4. People only notice when you fail.
  5. No one’s going to save you. Your life is your duty, so you need to learn to protect yourself.
  6. Our birth is a game. You could be into abusive family, happy, sad, rich or poor family. It’s like spinning a wheel. You can’t manage it.
  7. We want people to do well but not better than we do.
  8. You can also be used by the nicest people until they know you’re a doormat.
  9. Often Death can’t wait and it’s coming without notice.
  10. We’re assuming that attractive people are more polite, enjoyable, just by looking at them.
  11. Other person will notice you more.., if you fail.
  12. You are more likely to die on your birthday.
  13. Find the real reason to live is more difficult than finding a needle in the desert.
  14. You are more likely to die on your birthday.
  15. A woman can destroy the life of a man in one false allegation.
  16. We will never really be able to explore the life properly.
  17. Someday, someone will say your name last time.
  18. People probably do things because they think they will get something in return.
  19. Even with the person who means a lot to you, you mean nothing to them.
  20. You can’t make happy to everyone; if you are trying then you are losing yourself.
  21. You are always holding an unrealistic standard.
  22. Your thoughts are less important than your feelings, and your feelings need recognition.



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2 Responses

  1. Priyanka says:

    Nice and true lines.

  2. Rahul Sharma says:

    Actually its bitter . Sach hai lekin sunne me kharab lagta hai 🙂

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