My Mind, Intellect and My Ego

Some time I feel my Intellect and my mind is same because they seem to be giving the same answer but there are so many times there’s so much difference between these two my Intellect and my mind that I can’t discriminate. May be I can’t separate them based on my faced situations.

I always regret to avoid situations where I have to face the Mind, Intellect & and my Ego. But it’s a fact if you know yourself then these are essentials.

My Mind: Reactive-

My mind causes me to react quickly, sometimes doing or saying things without thinking!!  Yes mind never think because it always collects data and produces emotions, sensations, and memories. According built logic and decide what the response should be.  Let’s say when your hand accidentally touches a hot element what happen? Your mind reacts and you pull your hand from away. Why because your mind instantly says.

Many people become panic if they are stretched perhaps from a bad incident, fear or negative experience from their life. Their mind collecting a data, store and interprets into a negative memory. When any situation comes, mind immediately turns a fear response before the intellect has a chance to examine and you choose a negative response. As our mind is too strong and our intellects are too weak.

Our mind is the home of emotions and desires and we controlled by both. It need immediate satisfaction without thinking pro and cons.

 My Intellect: Thoughtful

Think before you saying, means helps you to sort the situation and to respond in a thoughtful manner.

Intellectual observes a situation, discriminates and then perform an action. Gaining understanding why it happens and making the pro and cons before reaching the conclusion.

Imagine a situation, a horse cart with its driver controlling the reins of horse. Here the reins represent the mind and the driver represents the intellect. In order to drive safely, the driver has too strong to control the reins. What would happen if driver let go of the reins. The horse would run to & fro.

Therefore, the process of taking control of your life depend  on the priority  of  developing your intellect and make it so strong that no matter where those horses (the senses) want to run around, you will know how to keep the reins (the mind) back into the right position

My Ego: Self focused

It doesn’t matter how you perceived by others .Its focused on how you perceived by yourself. In simple words “Ego is self identity “When you ask “Who am I”, or I can. Generally we call a man an egoist if he values his own ideas more than those of others says “I, I, I, me, me.”  I am the best then that is arrogance (ego), so ego can have any faces but there is nothing wrong in thinking yourself to be great but always think the other person is also great.

Ego is your enemy is that it leaves you alone with no reality. You always overestimate your strength and worth. All this means that you are losing touch with reality and losing opportunities to improve, connect with others and achieve your goals.

When you sleep, your ego is dissolved but Mind and Intellect taking rest.

You recognize that you have a choice in every situation to express some aspect of the mind, intellect, or ego. What will you choose to grow in your life?



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