Importance of Communication in Marriage

If someone ask what is the pillar of happy married life, then you will say love, commitment, honesty and other such things. Is it Wright? May be not, you often forget to say the communication and the “Importance of communication”. Not even in married life even in Professional life, Parental life, Social life communication plays an important role.

Two people are spending more of the time in one roof; if they don’t communicate effectively they will not sustain their love, Commitment & honesty. Communication is not only a word; it is also about your action that holds great significance in your all life.

Communication is a first phase of developing any relationship.

If communication begins Love, honesty & commitment become stronger

If communication ends Love, honesty & commitment become weak

Importance of communication:

Have you ever thought about the person who works in a call center? His job is to call or communicate 100 people a day and sell his product. In those calls several customers abuse him; several customers behave rudely. If he leaves the call thinking about, will be able to sell his product? No, yet he communicates to perform his job and survive.

Relatively same in every relationship, the doors for communication should always open for a long fulfilling and experience a happy, peaceful relationship with your spouse.

No Communication Means No Interest:

General sentence everyone heard “I am not interested to talk to you” or “I am not in mood to talk to you” slowly lead a lack of interest in each other lives.  If you don’t talk then what will happen? You don’t know what is happening or what issues your partner is dealing with.

Not to strain your relationship, it is important to have an effective communication. Life is a science, even in physics there is a No-communication theorem or No-Signaling principle. It states that it is not possible to transmit classical bits of information by means of carefully prepared.

Better Communication gets better satisfaction:

Better communication means better satisfaction. If you discuss everything with each other then lesser chance of ambiguity, that gives more clarity between the two. If you both are clear then there is no space to recognize your partner is honest or not which will lead to a stronger relationship.

Better communication gets better Understanding:

In one roof, people are not often talk or discuss their lives or interact artificially with each other, causes misunderstanding and untruth. They always look with suspicion. The best way to communicate regularly and express thoughts not only have a better understanding but it also helps to build a stronger bond.

Better communication gets deeper Connection-Love, Respect and Trust:

It’s a truth, without giving you cannot expect anything. Each relationship has a single formula Give & Take. We get the same as we do or we speak. You can’t sustain love, respect and trust without clarity in any relationship. And for clarity effective communication is must.

Marriage runs on single road where the traffic- Mind, Intellect and Ego comes from opposite side. Have seen several couples are collided due to this traffic because of Non effective communication, which directly implies their bonding and trust.

Communication should be in certain way, in a certain tone of voice and certain level of loudness. In most cases we lose a way and say nasty things to our partner.

Common Mistakes are making by couples

Shouting on Your Spouse:

Got angry and shouted at you, Please sorry.  Next day same thing happen and said sorry. Saying sorry means, that you won’t do the same thing again. If you do, you were never really sorry in the first place. But when you shouted or scolded your spouse you said a hurtful thing which remembers. In anger, utters words often scar the other person emotions or feelings. So sorry is important but not doing the same thing again and again is more important.

In every marriage there are ups and down which are bound to happen. However your partner makes a mistake and you have reason to angry. But it’s not ok to shout, try to let your anger then talk to your partner. Yes It is difficult but not impossible, else both of you get displeasure or disappointment.

No one likes shouting or humiliation, and the same is true for your partner. You can’t make your partner ashamed or responsible for past mistakes. Your partner needs to feel supported and valued .Every time you taunt your partner not only causes pain but it also affect your relationship.

“Me” word in a couples:

There is big difference between Me & We. When you get married then there is no room of “Me” because the relationship is both for you. Couples do a silly mistake using “Me”, that means comparing or competing each other. When relationship goes wrong, competition rises up. Its better clearly understood that they are on same side.



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