“The true value of a gift is the sentiment behind the gifting”

I was thinking of going to a cousin’s marriage and was confronted about the thoughts of what to gift to them, Many a times when I was going at some place or to someone and I got confronted with the dilemma , what to gift to someone?  Then, I consciously take my mind to work for the following , first I look for the gender, than I go for the age, than I go for the relation type close, closer, closest or casual, than I go for the credibility of the gift for the person, than I go for the price range and the list goes increasing and I got confused over what to gift and than if it is casual I leave the thought of going hahaha, most of the times I give money in an envelope if it is some child’s birthday or Sagan of Marriage, as  usual I got confused over again what to gift? Ohh my god it sometimes becomes a troubling thought and then I get into imaginations what he or she would be liking much, if I gift him or her this and that,

Here is some popular and most famous ideas that comes in mind and gone in a very next moment without taking me to a decision are like hmmmmm what if I gift her a hand bag ohhh no no she had it last week she showed me, what if I buy her a sandal ,naaaa sandal on birthday or marriage, what if I buy a show piece, stupid who gift show piece now a days, gift something useful, crockery//// yak I am not that old to gift households, shall I gift a make up, may be she wont like the brand, should I ask what she wants, than what will be the surprise, music system? What if she didn’t like the sound. A trip?, whether she get leaves from office…. A pictures frame, where she would hang that? A gadget? Out of budget…. Watch? She must be having so many…. A dress ? What color she would like, or size or fit…..Haah now what what what, ???????????? leave I am not going at her birthday, final and last solution. End of thought

The same is for any male, A Gadget, ohh would be out of my budget… Headphones, Sound Issue, Wallet? May be he don’t prefer to have gifted…. A tie? hihi I did never saw him wearing a tie, he end up looking like a executive in the party….. Shirt? Size, color, fit, issue. Bag??? Sport Item? Watch? Shoes?  bracelet???? Again confusion.

The best solution I always found is leaving the idea of going in the event or second is shamelessly and without any guilt, go without any gift and ask them for apology and a treat without gift and have free fun and frolic, enjoy the drinks, get involved in the happy occasion and make merry and enlighten the hearts with some humorous talk with everyone. Isn’t it cool. Do we really need just gifts? No I personally feel, I just want the presence of the person I have invited, I feel most of us want the presence of our loved ones at our side only.

In-fact, except , the kids who loves to open the gift wraps and count how many gifts they received,  we as adults always want the presence of the person, important to us, we have invited, to enjoy our special occasion, it is the get-together we are waiting,  for which we wanted an occasion to be the medium. I won’t say we don’t love gifts even at the senior age we loves surprises, open gift wrapping and get a gift , but it is not that if you won’t found any suitable gift you won’t be sharing their occasion, don’t get lost in the thoughts of gifting things, gift your presence, it is utmost important. We can buy gifts for our self any day but your presence can be given only by you at the time and moment when they expected you to be there with you.

Please note that aforementioned sentences are hypothetical and applicable on others, please bring gift on my birthday, my anniversary and on my son’s Birthday and on my Husband’s Birthday……………..


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