We are born with imperfections within; it is just that we never judge ourselves till we grow up. We were happy till we were not in the race of perfection. The non- perfections and perfections live together in ourselves but we always try to be perfect all the time. We want everything perfect in ourselves and around us, perfect home, perfect parents, perfect wife, perfect husband, perfect job, perfect kids, everything. We un-realizable get into the race of perfection as soon as we get bigger and become more responsibilities, we throw the attitude of let go as soon we go mature.

Why are we forgetting that ‘to err is human” if everything in you is perfect means you have become God. Is that so, are you God, than why you don’t want to face your own imperfections, why not to accept whole heartedly, why to indulge in the race of perfection all the time, why you can’t be sorted and let go of the things that ever gone wrong in past or some time some day or some moment ago.


The married ladies have the severe most burden of proving themselves as perfect, she enter into a new world altogether at the very moment she get married and enters into the new home, the so called In-laws home, why it be called In-laws home coz some of the In-laws have passed the motion to be called it their home not our home. the race for being a perfectionist perfection for a lady begins as soon she enters in a married life and it becomes like die or win race if she is living in joint family with her In-Laws and want to become a family member, she has to go through the race , the hurdle race in fact. Being sarcastic here, is the need of the topic I am talking about, except ten percent of the In laws home, others started the race with the showing of adjustment with the RULES OF INLAWS HOUSE, how much she conceive their ideas, values, rituals, customs, clothing sense, cooking styles, even fooding habits and while leaving her own she used to have since her birth.  Then come the race of winning the hearts of the IN-LAWS to become family member begins by obeying their orders, listening to their harsh words and commands and dancing on their words like a puppet without uttering a sentence. If you pass in those test you are now getting some of the recognition and this is followed with the race to maintain this recognition and you start to get involved in this forgetting your own self.

Why, why don’t you let go if the food you cook, once in awhile doesn’t taste good, let it go, if someone found the problem in the taste, let them cook what they want to eat after all the home is theirs also, they can cook, if once in a while you did forget to put sugar in tea let it go, provide sugar just easy it is. If some day you didn’t wash the dishes, you didn’t clean the house and didn’t wash the clothes let it be, why everything should always be perfect. The much you do you will end up feeling something still remains to do and this is not you who is feeling this, the people around you make you feel that something is still to be done by you, something is still missing in your effort.

Why always IN-LAWS feel that there is something missing in your efforts, while the parents gave you birth always found you perfect, your efforts countable.

There is nothing missing in your efforts, what is missing are the eyes who can’t see and admire your efforts of standing for making food for the house even after coming tired from the office, or doing household chores all day at home. Nothing is missing or imperfect in you, the imperfect are the souls and the hearts who only want perfections from a daughter in law while doing nothing for her being happy, nothing for admiring her.

Imperfect are the people who started the race of perfection in their own house. Imperfect are those who compare a daughter in law with their own daughters, sister and other daughter in laws in family, neighborhood.

Stop indulging in the race of perfection, let them be perfect who want you to be perfect all the time, find happiness in imperfection than going into stress trying to be perfect daughter in law, perfect wife, perfect mom, perfect employee. Even if you be perfect you can’t make everyone happy, so make yourself happy first, be sorted.



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