Misuse of women empowerment by women

I am not expecting my work is appealing to everyone and not to expecting that everyone is agreeing with me. But, still I faith on me and what I want to say, I say 🙂

Misuse of women empowerment by women

Misuse of women empowerment by women

Yesterday I met my very old friend. It was nice meeting him and we had a lot of talk. But when we talked about our family “what is going on like this” he suddenly got upset and replied No friend, what to tell, the things are not going well in my life and then quite.

Personally, I knew him very well. He is my school friend, so it was not good to hear what he said. I hugged him and asked what’s the matter. He spoke very calmly there is no use to telling you, you will not be able to do anything, because I am victim of mental and physical harassment by my wife. I am not getting a way to get rid of this problem. When I say to someone my wife is abusing me and sometime beats me everyone laughs and question on me Are you a Man! How it’s possible.

I was surprised to hear that. I immediately said to him you do same as  your wife does to you. Why are you suffering or just leave her (Divorce). My friend said, I tried both of your suggestions but nothing happen because of anti-men laws in the name of laws to protect women.

Then what means “the Gender advantage” or else…

These days, the trend of exploitation of women empowerment by women is growing.    It does not mean empowerment of women is not necessary to make them free from such evils, but on the other hand some in the name of empowerment women gradually misusing section 498A of the Indian Penal Code against their in-laws and husbands and the innocent families are being victimized.

In most of the cases the result of these laws provide the unjustified power in the hand of women to illegally extort, black mailing and create domestic violence that damaging the lives of husbands and their relative and sometime even death.

We can’t always assume that domestic violence happens to wife only. Several men are suffering. There are no special rules for men In India (if I am not wrong). Although, in Dowry Prohibition Act, Section 498A of Indian Penal Code, i.e. a violent crime committed by a husband and his family.  Article 125 of the Penal Code, ie take care of your wife. Protect women against domestic violence in legislative codes.

But the Domestic Violence Act 2005 does not provide protection for men, there are no provisions like section 498B in Indian penal code, there are no provisions like section 125A in the Penal Code. Instead, women and police break specific rules for women. The cries of injured husbands and their families are not heard in the courts or in society. Certain rules are broken and the husband suffers without fault.

If women have a law to protect herself against the cruelty of her husband, why doesn’t husband have it? Is this equality? When a male goes to police station with genuine complaint, police record a non cognizable offense against women.  I read some where Every 100 male suicides have 45 married males, and every 100 women suicide have 25 married women. Married women suicides have default arrest of the in-laws under presumed dowry death.

Pre-establishing that domestic abuse only happens to a wife is not fair. A wife may act cruel to her husband by mentally, physically in a typical situation. Some trained Indian Urban women have apparently turned the tables and use these laws as a tool on their husbands and innocent families, and there are certain reasons for proving cruelty towards husband.

Some grounds of cruelty cannot be ignored –

1. Dowry Laws misuse, Domestic Violence Act and IPCC’s ‘Sec: 498-A’ by a wife against a husband and in laws by lodging false grievances.

2. Adultery by the wife, such that the wife is sexually linked to another during the lifetime of marriage, must be strict law to punish a woman who committed adultery.

3. Wife opting a second marriage without filing for divorce.

4. Giving fear and threat to leave the house or commit suicide. Cruel behavior of wife tears the husband shirt and refusing to cook on time and breaking the Mangalsutra .

5. Abusing and blaming husband by way of threatening in the presence of in-laws and in some cases abusing husband in front of office staff members or in the presence of husband relatives.

6. Without appropriate reasons, a wife refuses to have sex with her husband can be treated as a cause for cruelty and a husband can file a Petition for divorce.

7. Lowering the husband’s credibility by using negative terms in front of her relatives and elders of the family.

8. Giving pressure to Husband to leave his home and insisting for a separate residence.

9. Demanding the transfer of property to her name.

10. To extract money in legislation from the husband.

Honestly say, wife is Ardhangini or “Half of man”. It is also called Dharmpatni. Man is incomplete until he marries and vice-versa. Both need to be strong and use these laws to protect themselves.


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  1. Vinay singh says:

    You are absouletly right but also think about female who suffer male cruelity from thousend years .now our laws give her power to use this against mans .

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