Most of the time you heard the phrase “BEAUTY WITH BRAINS, DEADLY COMBINATION” this and that about the beautiful women being intelligent also. But do you judge, ever, who must be the people using this phrase for a working intelligent women. In my opinion, the people are those who only look for the women as being beautiful or not, they are not looking in the women the qualities she is having, how she manages the entire household, how she cares and supports for her family, how she looks the responsibilities towards their work and how she manages both the house and office.

When they admire like this they only are admiring their beauty and sorry to say are not motivated but are surprised by “ ohh !! she is intelligent also.

This sometimes makes most of the women curious about how they are looking, what they should wear, how they walk, always stays on diet, stops eating for overcoming the gained fat (a sorry fact) undermining their health, the outlook, the outer appearance is important but it never can outsmart any women’s intelligence, her attitude towards life and her attitude towards seeing themselves as women. Why to waste so much of time only over your appearance all the day, yes there should be occasions when you should look for how you are looking, you should get ready to please yourself, to look beautiful to others, this is a right to get the comments like, pretty beautiful etc. but this is you who can decide that you should look this for every time or not , isn’t it ridiculous that you be judged by how you are looking today, tomorrow, yesterday and you spend most of the hours deciding on what to wear. Alas, we are women, people are not actually worthy of commenting how we are looking, judging whether we are beautiful or not, we are beautiful from within how can our face and complexion decide about our beauty. Isn’t cool to listen, hey she is the MANAGER their then to listen your saree looks good, isn’t it more important to listen she raised her son so well, isn’t it a great compliment that hey she is the social worker, lives there, done this and that, she is an impressive lady than to be commented as a beautiful lady, look at her.

We have so many examples around when we doesn’t look for the beauty when talk about them but like the in the article I have talked about Gunjan Saxena, whether you gets anywhere to look for whether she is beautiful or what? Be confident, work good and get treated with respect not with such comments like beautiful but with adorable.

It is just the thinking, I personally gets sometimes complexes with these ugly feelings that my color have become dull, my skin got irritations, bumps, and pimples, I ordered so many a creams to apply on, make up essentials and blabla to put on like a second face , comic, isn’t it,   but as soon I take a bath and started getting ready for office, choosing randomly any of the formal outfit I let go the thoughts of looking pretty but I focused on not looking but being confident all the time I am in my office, dealing with the management or the outsiders, i focus on my confidence, the manner I am talking with inspite of ohh, is my eyeliner ok, or my foundation gets faded by sweat…. I am not criticizing the make up people, I am only suggesting to get the makeover from within, finding the confidence to walk and achieve success, do make up to please yourself not to wear as a second face, your family likes you for your every look, you are the most beautiful women in the world for your kid and will remain always.

I don’t think beauty can succeed. Intelligence is more important than beauty in entering life. Definitely, its depend on the type of work you want to do. I know a woman. She is very beautiful and very smart, but she is not chosen. Simple women liked and gave her a very beautiful position. When people are simple, they are closer and easier to interact with. There are many people who are very wealthy because of their beauty. Models, actresses and asters work. They are beautiful, very popular and very rich. Her beauty plays an important role in her life.



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