Why artist are different ?

You may be the artist and simply not remember it. The artist is not a different kind of person, but every person is a different kind of artist. A lot of people make every day and don’t know exactly how gifted they are. They draw a line on a paper pad when they exist on phone; sometimes they detect patterns with their toes when they idle. They take with their fingers on wooden airfoils when they are tired. This is Art, my beloved friends –What does it creation, is that it’s specific or It’s limited.


Don’t shun away from this creator, you represent simply because nobody has acknowledged you as one. So how do you learn if you represent one? Just remember you have a right to call yourself an artist.

If you are reading it, I am talking only about you, that an artist inside you, the loads of imagination you are having within your mind, your heart, your thoughts, and your insights. You are a farsighted person and at the same time you are creating your present beautifully and lived your past patiently. This is also an art, art to live, art to live your present, make your future and leaving your past preserving memories of past.

“I have a right to call myself an artist’

The world is full of talents and artists. You will find the fine art works and some different type of art conveying message about the life, emotion, spiritualism and romance. The museums are full of those art works. Be an artist; you can get away with anything.

Who is an Artist – An artist is someone who can hold two opposing viewpoints and still know what to do.

Have you thought? Why artist are different? –Because artists are the people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide. That’s why artist create an art. Artists are detached from reality, only recreating the hidden side to live someone. When you feel it, even if sometime you creep in your life then you draw a line. But If you seek perfection in everything then cannot attain it in anything.

Now, nobody can say why artist is important? Because an artist shows us what we blind to. Some says about artist they are poor and how artist make money?  I have an answer for those people, artists are never poor, they just don’t get enough time to make money.

I am not calculating the worthiness of any artist by profession, be it painter, dancer, poet, actor or any type of artist nor I am not talking about the one person as an artist , making a family, running a family, caring a family. Momtoddlers only denotes or presupposes to talk about relationships, mothers’ duties, family dramas, family issues, some sort of spirituality and wellness only. Why not to talk about some creativity also.

You are an artist by moving on towards the path of life, leaving the ones who had been into your life once as your mother, father, grandfather who passed away and accepting with joy and zest, the ones coming to you, like your wife, your son, your grand kids.

How artist think? Same as you, because you are also an artist if you are successfully painting your life with colors of relations, with joyous moments, with bravely overcoming your sorrows and smiling. The smile is your art. The small wonders you do to your family by buying milk daily and making tea for everyone is the art of making everyone …wow..Tea is an art.

The decoration of a corner of your own house to make someone happy, as a surprise, making them to say, THANKS FOR SURPRISE is your art. The art of bringing a smile on ones face. Greeting back with a smile to a person unknown is also an art, Art of communication through gesture, there are so many things we do which is an art. So everyone is an artist, everyone is a creator in itself, be it a father, a mom, a kid, a friend, a neighbor, a smiling stranger selling things roadside or anyone or anything.

You live the art, be an artist, artist of your own colorful joyful life, no color is bad, even black color looks beautiful when in clouds, that show that it will rain immensely and bring smile to everyone’s eyes. You fill all colors and see how beautiful your life will be.

I am an artist and when an Artist loves you, you will live forever — Momtoddlers

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