Violence against women in India

As intellectuals read the news, I was studying the impact of Covid lockdown in India , several  discussion and research presented  “covid impact on indian economy” , “covid impact on education” , “covid impact on industries, “covid impact on IT sector”  and much more ..  .

But, no one has focused the news on Domestic violence complaints; Indian women filed more domestic violence complaints than recorded in a similar period in the last 10 years.

Women made 1,477 allegations of domestic abuse between March 25 and May 31, in 2020.This 68- day period recorded more complaints than those received in the 10 previous years between March and May. The data was presented on “Hindu Newspaper”.

When does it usually happen?  And who does it usually happen to?

Indian Woman has gone through different phases from her ages and in these phases she resisted and shattered under the wheel of decline.  Several factors are responsible for the women’s status changes i.e  Purda pratha, Marriage, Religion,Conservatism, superstition & Education etc.

Even in Ramayana, Sita was wrongly blamed and disrespected with slashing words in public and Rama’s silence consigned her to the fire. What was that for an an emotionally devoted wife. Sorry to say mental violence.

Even in the epic of Mahabharata, so many examples of women suffering physical and emotional abuse. The most important is Draupadi “cheerharn” at Dhataratha court. What was that, the physical and mental cruelty involved where Draupadi helplessness and she faced violence with approving culture.

Violence against women is not in myth. It exists everywhere; the nature and frequency may vary from time to time and place to place.

The problem of domestic violence against women is complex and deeply rooted in India. Women and Girls are generally less empowered than boys in terms of their familial and social status. In many occasions, women are abused not only by husband but also by members of both their native and marital homes.

“Systematic discrimination and neglect toward female children is evident in a declining sex ratio of 929 women to 1000 males”

Women in India Issues and Challenges:

The studies and observation of violence against women are categorized –

Physical family violence-

Physical Violence

Physical violence is more prevalent among the lower socioeconomic classes and among families in which women are socially isolated or getting low social support.

Psychological family violence

Psychological family violence

Psychological violence against women is more prevalent among the middle and higher socioeconomic classes. The psychological violence is measured with seven behaviors –

1) Dissatisfaction

2) Regularly insult

3) Demeaning

4) Threats to woman if respondent.

5) Threats to someone the woman respondent cares about.

6) Threats of abandonment.

7) Husband’s unfaithfulness

 Physical and Psychological both –

This is more prevalent among families in which the husband uses alcohol or other substances.

Parental behavior –

This type of violence against women who have seen their father beating their mothers during childhood .Mostly happen in lower socioeconomic class.

 Overall, nearly 50 percent of women reported experiencing at least one of the behaviors described above at least once in their married life; 43.5 percent reported at least one psychologically abusive  behaviour and 40.3 percent reported experiencing at least one type of physical abuse. May be education, Conservatism, superstition and magic-belief are the background of the women position.

Other studies of wife beating in India lead to the significance of dowry .Wives are harassed by both husband and in-laws for their dissatisfaction with dowry payment and high level of cruelty towards women is socially ignored.

Despite the 1961 Dowry Prohibition Act, research shows a 169.7 percent rise in dowry-related deaths from 1987 to 1991 and a 37.5 percent increase in husband and relative acts of violence  during the same period (National Crimes Record Bureau, 1995).

Still 2020, some males think, the most important role for women is to look after the husband and the kids and she is only appropriate for certain jobs.

Men and women are the two heads of any nation. Vivekananda says, the country and the nation which do not respect women have never become great not will ever be in future‟

We need to get together to empower women. They have to have fair educational opportunities.

They have to be paid equally and the rules regarding violence against women need to be made more strict – Mom Toddlers.

Some questions is still left for Mom toddlers to answer you –

What would you define as being treated badly in an intimate relationship?

How do you think a person feels when their partner has been abusive to them?

Why do you think some people are abusive to their partners?

What do you think they are thinking when they are abusive?

Why does a person stay in this type of relationship despite the abuse?

Why might some people in these types of relationship not report abuse?

What do they believe might happen to them if they report it?

What do you think they feel when they do report it?

Always remember –

“When you used violence to achieve “peace”; what did you achieve ? -Supressed violence!”



Mom toddlers


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