The beginning of a new life

What do you do when your beautiful thing breaks? You connect it to tape, stick or glue it to fix. But what in the event that each time you attempting to fix the breaks, your beautiful thing will lose its strength and becomes pathetic, if not ugly. Maybe this is my life right now.

Now, I can’t settle it. Frankly, I am tired of doing it and don’t want to do it and I don’t know how to do. I don’t want any part of my life today or tomorrow to contain the pieces. I want rebuild this life and start afresh.

I am not weak who dies, commits suicide and cry over the shit for years, I have the strength to start a new life and I will do it. For this, I need to move on from thoughts and those people absent that I overlooked around this life.

Today I decided that I am done with this life, this comfort zone, and these nerves. I need to move on .I have been cowardly and it held me back from truly blossoming in my happiness, my career, my child. I want to move on, and in coming times I will .I am finally going to fulfill my dream of moving towards the bright future. I will stand up being a tough woman, tough to be deceived and betrayed.

I know this move will take me even further. I know exactly what I am going to do when I get there, and that does conquer. I am going to create an even better life for myself, a life that not only makes me proud but makes my parents, my family proud too.

But somewhere I also don’t want to loose the past also, the people who cherish my life once, may be the time was not good or may be the person also, these thoughts hovers around my mind all the time but now, I am focused to cherish myself by own. If I can begin to focus on truly living one day, I can incorporate a new beginning each day. If I’m willing to allow a new beginning each day, I can change the direction of my life.

 So, why should I always depend on someone else for my happiness, why should I see faces to help and support me to do the things which are mandatory for my being. I will make a stand for my own, I would win and conquer by not fighting for the thing all the time, I will win by loosing the cause of fight, by bestowing the things that are making me sick. 

I would not go by the flow all the time, by this moment, I will make the flow of life in my favour, I will not cherish the life of others unless I cherished myself.

Now, I am prepared, I am ready to bury myself for my bright and happy future, It may be tough but not impossible to recreate myself.

 I AM A WOMEN, when I can convert a house into a home for others, when I can manage and adjust with others family to make it mine. I have the power to dump the past humiliations, regrets, sorrows and get wings to fly anytime I open my windows to the world. I am sane if I think I am nothing alone.

I have the strength to touch the sky once I desire. It is just the matter of what I prioritize in my life.

Now, I prioritize my happiness.

I prioritize and desire to achieve the utmost and bring up the life in my thoughts.

I prioritize to make the child more human i brought into this world.

I prioritize to be proud on myself now. 

This is me and every woman. Need of the hour is, to know and realize your own strength.

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  1. Jyoti Pant says:

    A big👍 to ur attitude….

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