Biography of Gunjan Saxena: Professional Life, Training, Career, Awards and the Hidden facts.

Gunjan Saxena

During the British Raj period year in 1888, the role of women in the Indian Army began with the establishment of the “Indian Military Nursing Service” .Nurses of the British Indian Army fought in World War I ( 1914–1918) and World War II (1939–1945) Where 350 British Indian Army nurses were either died or taken prisoner of war, or declared missing.
Women’s Auxiliary Corps (India) was formed in May 1942. Noor-un-Nissa Inayat Khan also known as Nora Inayat-Khan and Nora Baker, was a British spy in World War II who served in the Special Operations Executive.she became the first female wireless operator to be sent from the UK into occupied France to aid the French Resistance during World War.

As, Gunjan Saxena played a vital role in kargil war . Her short highlights are honorable

Professional Life –

Flight Lieutenant Gunjan Saxena is an Indian Army officer joined the IAF in 1994 and the fisrt woman Shaurya Chakra awardee. Proud to be a women.
Gunjan and her fellow lieutenant Srividya Rajan were granted an opportunity to represent the country during the Kargil War between India and Pakistan in 1999.She was the first woman Indian Air Force (IAF) officer to enter a war zone.

Gunjan Saxena flying officer, was 25 when she flew during the Kargil War. She helped transport supplies to the troops in the forward areas of Dras and Batalik during Operation Vijay. Gunjan Saxena said in an interview that she has face Pakistani gunfire and missiles while evacuating the wounded soldiers from the war zone.

Education Life –

Saxena graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Hansraj School , University of Delhi, New Delhi,then joined the Delhi Flying Club at Safdarjung Airport.

Personal life –

Gunjan Saxena was born into an Army family in Lucknow. Her father Lt Col Ashok Kumar Saxena (retired) and brother both served in the Indian Army.
She married to Wing Commander Gautam Narain is an Indian Air Force pilot and instructor at the National Defense academy. She has one daughter Pragya who was born in 2004.

Career –

In 1994, she was among a group of 25 women who joined the IAF,it was the first batch of women air force trainees.Gunjan Saxena was first posted in UdhampurJammu and Kashmir., as part of the 132 Forward Area Control (FAC)
Where she faced many gender-based challenges, such as adapting to changing rooms until new rooms were constructed for women.

Due to intense physical and mental distress, women in the 19th century were not allowed to fly in the war zone but at the time of the Kargil War, India urgently needed all the pilots to achieve victory in Pakistan. So all pilots, male and female, were called in to serve the country.

Women play a vital role in today ‘s army; they are the front-line soldiers; they are leaders, judges, and non-commissioned officers. Mom toddlers thanks all women for their military and civil service, for their encouragement and strength, and for their sacrifices to ensure the success ,the equality and dignity that all Indians admire.

Regards to all women


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    Incredible storyline, we basically forgot these torch bearer who opened up the new avenues for the women by being the one and first to enter into the fields were only known to men.

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    […] doesn’t look for the beauty when talk about them but like the in the article I have talked about Gunjan Saxena, whether you gets anywhere to look for whether she is beautiful or what? Be confident, work good […]

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