Women’s Life “A warrior who fight all odds of life”

Too much WORK, Too LESS TIME,

Too much to BUY, But no TIME,


So many JOBS, you ALONE,

So big TARGETS, So much TENSION,

So many PEOPLE around, no PEACE,

So much DISTANCE, So small STEPS,

Such beautiful places to visit, no LEAVE, no COMPANY,

Such long day, NO time for SELF,

So COMPLEX people, So SIMPLE you are,

So FEARFUL FUTURE present in race,

So PAMPERED till now, What NEXT?

Queries in mind- Deep Confusion,

Oh YES!!!! THIS is your real LIFE,


A Warrior who fought all odds of life,

With all the substance you have,

Confidence, Brilliance, Intelligence,

Magnetism, 6th   Senses, Behavior,

Temperament and many qualities

             ABOVE WORDS.

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7 Responses

  1. vinay singh says:

    Yes women is real warrior .who fought for all of us

  2. Gaurav Kumar Gupta says:

    Yes so many women are a real warrior. They always fought with all of us.

  3. Shashikant says:

    What is 6th sense behaviour. Please elaborate on this.

    • momtoddlers says:

      Keen intuition !! Women have a sixth sense that they would find. In addition, they have god gifted the five physical senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, & touch.

  4. Umed Singh says:

    We really proud

  5. Rakesh Mishra says:

    Very nicely elaborated, without women’s efforts nothing is possible.
    Proud of women’s who plays multiple roles through out their life.

  6. danish says:

    Very well explained all aspects of women’s life.

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