Rehabilitating Yourselves

“The action of restoring someone to former privileges or reputation after a period of disfavor”.

The friendships and love are mutual understanding, once misunderstood, it is never got restore . In every problem there is a lesson to learn, an asset to acquire, a load to lighten and a price to pay.

You can’t restore all the things you’ve previously done, but you can face up to it. God has given an ability to re-establish ourselves not to cry our fate again and again.

Time can do marvelous works of restoration

Always remember, distraction wastes our energy, concentration restores it. Keeping busy and making optimism a “way of life” can restore your faith in yourself.

True confidence is not about what you take from someone to restore yourself, but what you give back to your critics because they need it more than you do. J

When you feel exhausted from life and your work conditions, your relations seems to suck every ounce of happiness from your life and there seems dark everywhere just look around, look at your past, study it, I am not talking that hey live like your past, or remain in past don’t think or worry about the future and all.

I am just asking to sit and study your own biography for a while, there is no man/woman who would never have got even a day of happiness at any of the age. So study your life you spent till now, restore your happiest memories ever, it may be like playing with your parents, fighting with your siblings,  getting high grade and celebrating with your friends, it may be the joy of getting the first salary or may be the first crush you live , it may be any,  any kind of memory that can bring smile on your face. Go through the old memory book, pictures, photographs and laugh at how bad your fashion sense was and proud of now how you maintained yourself. Just restore these thoughts,  those feelings, and you will find that the slowly you are getting over with the exhaustion you were feeling earlier. Practice it daily. And you would know that there is no term like perfect future, it is just you can make a happy day one by one by one.

I think it is very very easier to suggest to someone the remedies to overcome the continuous negative thoughts heading on and on but absolutely the suggestions are not that much impossible to try with, start with.

May be you don’t have the personality to share your things and you are more like a person keeping everything to you, being good or bad. But also there must be some persons in your life to whom you can’t share anything but their voice calm and soothes you,  it may be your partner, your friend, your sister, you mother whoever it is, don’t take more time that it become too late to heal yourself, just call them, cry your heart out and rehabilitate or just meet a decent magician and have a close up magic show, he will restore inspiration in your life”.

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