Rakhi making idea for soldiers from women entrepreneurs

Rakhi will fall on Monday, 3rd of August, 2020 and in the month of June, the women entrepreneurs had designed more than 10,000 rakhis and sent to the Indian soldiers who were posted at borders with china and Pakistan. Great thanks to those entrepreneurs’ sister found the honorable and heartfelt way to celebrate the rakhi. 

I don’t think, anything can be better than this because Rakhi means “To protect one another” and there is no question who protect us every single day. Varieties of rakhis are handed to Indian soldiers.

  • Jute rakhi made in Nagpur
  • Paint rakhi made in Jaipur
  • Seed rakhi made in Pune
  • Wool rakhi made in Satna Madhya Pradesh
  • Jharkhand rakhi made from tribal items in Jamshedpur
  • Tea Leaves rakhi made in Tinsukia in Assam
  • rakhi made with tea leaves in Kolkata
  • Silk rakhi made in Kolkata
  • fashionable rakhi made in Mumbai

Not even in the women entrepreneurs’, a good initiative is also taken by Lucknow post office to celebrate the bond between a brother & sister. In a pandemic situation, they have given the option to women send masks and sanitizers along with ayurvedic ‘Giloy’ tablet into the packet. Great thought!! Keeping in mind the protection from the pandemic sent to their loved one as a token of affection and care.

One thing we should appreciate for both the “Initiative”.

The bond between a brother and a sister is invaluable. Siblings are the best companions by birth, they the best advisor within the hour of requires, the word ‘Raksha’ implies security and the word ‘Bandhan’ stands for bond.

Assurance and adore are at the heart of this celebration. We celebrate Raksha Bandhan to respect the same bond that a brother and a sister share between them.

There are a few accounts on how the convention of Raksha Bandhan at first started, but one of the foremost taken after stories is the one of  Indra and his spouse Indrani. As per Hindu mythology, once the group of divine beings was on the skirt of overcome in their war against the evil presences. Troubled, Ruler Indra drawn closer his Master, Brihaspati for exhortation. At this, Guru Brihaspati inquired him to urge a Rakhi tied on his wrist by his spouse Indrani. As said, Indrani tied the sacrosanct special necklace on  Indra’s wrist as a image of assurance against

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