3 Simple Steps to Cure Yourself, without Medicines, without Home Remedies & without Extra Money.

Last week, a joke came to me from what’s App group that women do not have heart attacks because they have two hearts. One is own and the other is of her husband. Because the man always tells his partner that my heart is yours. 🙂

“This means that the super power comes to the woman with two hearts. If one goes bad then the other heart works. So they will have neither Blood pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Fat, Thyroid and much more.”

I have taken this joke seriously with remembering a famous writer “kurt Caobain” quotes My heart is brake but I have some glue.

As I am a simple reader and blogger, so studied on women’s top 5 health concerns Heart disease, Breast cancer, Osteoporosis, Depression, and Auto immune system as well as queried on several health forums and asked to the experts what women could do to prevent such ailments.

When I read then I know, a woman’s heart is usually smaller (as are some of its interior chambers). And when a woman is stressed, her pulse rate rises, and her heart pumps more blood.

When a man is stressed, the arteries of his heart constrict, raising his blood pressure.

 Anyway, it’s a medical science & I am not a doctor or biologist, so can’t suggest any medical treatment for those diseases. But what I read from experimented treatments & based on their reviews must share with you.

Without any Medicines, Home remedies & any Extra cost you can prevent health issues from a DIP diet.

Of course!  It will not only save you from illness, but also from medicines and your hardcore money.

There are three simple steps of DIP diet which you can easily follow:

Step 1:

Till 12 noon, eat only 3-4 types fruits like Apples, Papaya, Banana, Grapes etc. what ever you easily find or seasonal fruits
Quantity: Your body weight in Kg × 10 = ……..gms
(It’s a minimum quantity to be consumed, More you can take)
Let’s say, if your weight is 65 Kg then, minimum quantity should be 65 × 10=650 gms

Step 2:

Serve your lunch/dinner in 2 plates.
First PlateSecond Plate
Eat 4 types of vegetables like carrot, tomato, radish and cucumber, which you can eat in raw form.Standard meal which you are taken.
Your body weight in Kg × 5 = ……..gms
As per your diet but homely cooked vegetarian food with less salt and oil.

Step 3:

  • Avoid packed & oily food.
  • Avoid factory based items.
  • Take sprouts (Body weight in Kg = ………..gms)
  • Nuts can be consumed after soaking in water for 2-3 hours.

I don’t think so; if you follow these steps will cause any side effects. Definitely it will benefit you from Fat, Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Thyroid diseases.

As said, I queried on several health forums where the article on DIP method published by renowned Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chaudhary. It’s a great article from him. You can get more information from his blog

So start doing it “DIP” to protect youself.

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  1. Umed Singh says:

    Really nice information

  2. Rakesh Mishra says:

    Hello Vinod ji,
    It’s really great article.
    It will help women’s to get some time for themselves in their busy schedules.
    Love to read such article.
    Expect to get more from you down the line. Appreciate..

    Rakesh Mishra

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