Hey Mom’s , Please Share your bad incident to your loving sons so they grew up being human , Not as Eve TEASERS and RAPISTS.

Yesterday morning, having a cup of tea with a famous newspaper, the bold headline caught my attention “60-year old man held for raping 23 year old woman” and then again “Uttarakhand doctor, his elder brother arrested for raping 7-year-old daughter”. Really got upset.

Daily newspapers are filled with the news and cases of rape, sexual violence, eve teasing & molesting the women around nearby.

Not only at night but now it is felt in the day itself, women are living in a modern society fear of being raped or molested. The cases of being molested and teased at workplaces, roads, hotels, and neighborhood have become so common. Sometime a woman is to ignore and go way until it becomes so worse that it makes the question of the dignity of her life.

Being women and having family, we still are afraid of protesting against the molestation and teasing for making it smooth for them doing this.

Now the biggest question is. What if I raised voice against them? Will they further harm to me, my family or what happen if they found me alone after all this protest.

How would I evade them?

What if the news reach at my workplace, What if it would take u turn and comes to me and my character, Embarrassing me to make my way to office, to my home, to my society.

What if I share it to my husband that I’m being molested at my office, will he trust me that much that he won’t say a word to me and help me, or he would just say stay quite about this…… haunt the minds of women.

In turn the male members of the family gets to unaware of the feelings of yours as what you are going through if it is happening to you………..

Unfortunately, we spend more time teaching our daughters how to avoid becoming rape victims than teaching our sons not to become rapists.”

Dear mommies of your sweet & loving boys, as is generally accepted fact that the boys are closest to their mothers. Now you have the responsibilities to teach your kids, make them feel, how and how bad it feels when someone comments you from your back about what you are wearing …… How is your walk…… and what is your size……… How it feels when at bus stop someone comments cheap and laugh at you for being silent over their comments and how they gets courage of our silence.

Let them know that, if they are going to this, the persons like your mother and sister will also suffer as the society will not change. You are the society, you mark up a change, teach them to respect women.

Respect all women being your blood relations or not, you may not be only bringing up a son, some of you must be having a daughter or both. Do you really want your Son to be like this or your daughters to be silent, non-complaining and even not share about this to you. Encourage them for being socially responsible.

You better know yourself how to bring this change ……..

Then no will accused as a rape victim, No such case like “Nirbhaya case”. No will found rape victim latest news, gang rape victim and rape victims in India

Moreover, it will falls down the rape statistics in India as well as rape attempted statistics.

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  1. Rahul says:

    Very well said and i support this article. But we have to keep in mind that coin has other side too. As we have seen in the society fake allegations are common things now a days. If its being a girl or a boy. So things which also need correction is changing the thoughts and having respect for each other. I understand that today more no. Of cases are there where boys need to be coached, however, this should not outweigh or should be taken as an advantage by some tarnish the image of boys.

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