I’m getting bored of the way I live. The same routine I have every day. It’s just I feel so exhausted with life and don’t know what to do?

To whom I say, I have to shake my boring life. How can I change my routine in life? It’s not a sign of my sickness and strictly No... As always say it’s my “tiredness” and “anxiety” in my mind.

Daily, I get up at the same time, go in the kitchen, prepare breakfast, finish household chores and ready for my office, commute by the same mode of transport along the same route to the same office, where I spend eight or nine hours doing the same kind of work each day. Return from office and do what every Mom does for her toddler, feeds and teaches. Make dinner and then sleep.

Ohh! Forgot to say, if strength is left in body then may be Sex.

I am not weird to do things alone. I have learned to do things alone. Sometimes our heart ache and mind felt stuffed with all this monotonous routine & these responsibilities. Actually we don’t live for ourselves. What we need, what we desire. Just we are making our lives dull by adapting to this environment and never did anything exciting.

“I think, things get worse when both are working” because there is lack of only one thing that is “time”.

I always asked to me, why I am not getting 2 & 1/2 hours from a day for ourselves, to relax, to reach to our own voice and own thoughts. Not thinking about the family, to, worrying about the office and what to make in breakfast, lunch, dinner, just to lie and relax. Sometimes it seems like a dream J

But Now I understand, life is similar to a book. Some chapters are boring, a few emotional, a handful memorable, others saddening, one or two thoughtful and many full of smiles. There are just two directions in life, the one which is safe but boring, and the other which is delicate but exciting. Because, changing a routine is not an option. “Changing a thought and environment” would be.

Now ask yourself, which path will you go? I do writing; a writer’s life is never boring when you have imaginary friends to play.

Add some adventure to your life. It’s important to experience the enjoyable aspects of your life in different ways.

As human beings we want to be as comfortable as possible, that’s human nature and when you do that you live a really boring life. Always keep in mind that you can’t make everyone around happy, whether you put your 100 % or 200 % efforts. You can’t make everyone happy, it is human to err, we are humans and sometimes there are humans who judge us every time for what we are doing or we are not. We are not God to make everyone around happy even God cannot make everyone happy. So let the criticisms go and do your exciting work without getting affected.

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  1. Danish Phiroz says:

    Very well explain

  2. Vinit says:

    Awesome explanation.Great!!

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