Is Women responsible for Family matters or dispute ?

This is easy to say that “She” is responsible for all the matters or dispute in our family. Really ? Even when a woman lives for her toddler, lives for her husband, lives for her parents and specially lives for mother-in-law’s & father-in-law.

In several forums I have talked to Moms as well as working Moms why you are held responsible every-time. They just smiled and said maybe we don’t live for ourselves.

Question remain same Why ? Actually, We consider a Mom to be the pivot of our family and expect her to bear all responsibilities. And if the Mom is a working women then it becomes even more difficult & get more stressed for her. And the responsibilities become bondage for a Mom rather than bond of love & passion.

In our society a word is commonly known as “Head of the Family” a Pr-defined post, of course not designate for a pivot member “ Mom”, HoF should understand the “Partnership engagement” to perform their responsibility and de-rule the epic of gender roles and their implication in family. If both the partners are persistently concerned about each other’s well being & interest especially an expansion of the female role think equally, then there no family disagreement would be and no one responsible for all matters.

Now the family trend keep changing ,May be most of the men disagree on the transformation of men role with more extensive involvement in family responsibilities, mainly care for children and held accountable for family-related matters.

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